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RobInspect – industrial measuring

High precision with short 
test times. And inline.

Exact is better than exactly.

As a family-operated, technology company for industrial measuring technology with long-term orientation, Minikomp GmbH has been a partner for the development and production of integrated automation systems as well as innovative special machines and systems for industrial inline measuring technology since 1998. Our objective is to strengthen the competitiveness of customers and partners in the markets.

As a versatile team of over 70 experts and specialists in the 3 product areas of RobInspect, we dedicate ourselves to this task with passion and joy. Minikomp supports its customers from process design to after-sales service and customer service. Our cherished values, partnership, versatility, quality, precision form the foundation for the FACTS of RobInspect by Minikomp.

"There are people who change industrial ­measuring technology.
Because they see further and think further."

Sigrid and Peter Bogner

1/100 accuracy

500 measurements per second


without influencing the frequency

90% smaller

More compact construction than the competition

Any data format

Data delivery at request of the customer

No exhibit preparation

Measurement without exhibit preparation

For any industry

Aerospace, automotive, plastics and medical technology, music industry

Every material can be measured

Even glass, carbon, chrome, polycarbonate and transparent materials

1 operation cycle

All in just one single operation cycle – save time, space and energy costs

Measurement Technology

RobInspect Surface Inspection, Gap & Flush, 3D Inspection

Challenges wanted!

The more difficult the measuring tasks, the more important the partners are on your side!

In the capital goods sector, long-term reliability and future sustainability play a decisive role. RobInspect was developed by minikomp under this premise. RobInspect, with its 3 areas for Gap & Flush, Surface Inspection and 3D Inspection is the measuring system of the future. Fast, precise and contact-less, RobInspect can be used in areas ranging from parts inspection, CAD comparison, reverse engineering to 3D documentation.

The fact that it’s inline goes without saying. By moving the scanner using robots, 100 percent repeatability of the measuring process can be guaranteed. Our robots can be operated by measuring technicians. Including the analysis.

RobInspect’s programming and control takes place using Minikomp’s proprietary software. After a brief instruction, the first measurement can take place. Analyses can be carried out independently after one day of training.

Surface Inspection

Operating the future.

Control of flat components – without component preparation

The inline-capable RobInspect Surface Inspection system reveals faults such as dips, bumps or other abnormalities in the surface with the help of 2D sensor technology.

Diving into the depths of data

Such flaws are marked and passed on for further analyses or forwarded directly to quality control to ensure fast repair and restoration work.

True strength can be seen in the whole. Of course RobInspect Surface Inspection can also be integrated in your production line. Thanks to its adaptability, RobInspect can be adjusted to different geometries. Low clock times will not impair your clock frequency. Industrial robots can be used online, offline or nearline. The system is not dependent on materials and detects dents, bumps, cracks or impurities.

A report or documentation can be provided for every component.

Technical Data RobInspect Surface Inspection

Measuring width80 mmMaterial and surfaceall materials
Measuring distance80 to 210 mmResolution in Z-direction14 μm
Measuring frequencyup to 500 HzResolution in Y-direction50 μm
Measuring points2,000 per lineAccuracyup to ±0,01 mm

Gap & Flush

Strength in versatility.

Malleable automated measurement of gap and joint sizes

The innovative RobInspect Gap & Flush laser technology makes it possible to measure the entire bandwidth of materials, surfaces and curvatures. And all that without any prior treatment of the component. Using the RobInspect stereo sensor head ensures that both gap and joint sides can be recorded completely. Even for moving test objects.

Irrespective of robot brands, RobInspect guarantees separate measurement and analysis of measurements carried out in short succession. The large line laser measuring area even allows 100 percent measurements given imprecise positioning. Online, offline or nearline measurement of large gaps up to the 0-gap is possible. Measurements are carried out using the stereo sensor principle and are possible in any lighting environment and on all surfaces and materials.

We plan your measuring cell and will also commission it with you.

Technical Data RobInspect Gap & Flush

Measuring width80 mmMaterial and surfaceall materials
Measuring distance80 to 210 mmResolution in Z-direction14 μm
Measuring frequency40 HzResolution in Y-direction50 μm
Measuring points4,000 per lineAccuracyup to ±0,01 mm

3D Inspection

Contact-less perfection in movement.

Resource-efficient manufacturing processes are an aspirational goal in the industrial manufacturing sector. With RobInspect 3D Inspection’s 3D inline measuring system, it’s possible to have a measuring and testing system directly integrated into the line or the machine. RobInspect 3D Inspection makes early, comprehensive, cycle-dependent testing and monitoring possible. Immediate responses prevent high scrap costs and faulty components.

This makes process control and quality control faster, more exact and more precise.

Measuring technicians perform the programming so that analyses can be prepared independently to suit customers’ needs and requests. The scanner is controlled by a robot. This ensures repeatability and 100 percent accuracy of the scanner control.

Technical Data RobInspect 3D Inspection

Measuring width80 mmMaterial and surfaceall materials
Measuring distance80 to 210 mmResolution in Z-direction14 μm
Measuring frequencyup to 500 HzResolution in Y-direction50 μm
Measuring points2,000 per lineAccuracyup to ±0,01 mm

Robot data:

  • 2 robots with a range of 900 to 2,100 mm jib length available
  • These can also be mounted on intelligent linear axes, ceiling- or floor-mounted to significantly increase flexibility in operation
  • This makes travel up to 12 meters possible
  • Weight from 35 to 230 kg
  • Maximum speed at the mid-point of the tool flange 9,300 mm/s to 11,500 mm/s
  • Floor- or ceiling-installation possible
  • Measurable materials: all materials – even glass, carbon, chrome, polycarbonate and transparent materials

Onward to new challenges!

Let us find the optimal inline measuring technology together.

The versatility and the possibilities of RobInspect for demanding measuring technology are impressive. Whether it is RobInspect Gap&Flush, Surface Inspection or 3D Inspection – the variation of the execution is large, while RobInspect’s solutions by minikomp are always the same: Open, modular, and everything that is needed is integrated and inline.

The increasing complexity of machines, systems and lines, new security requirements, increased expectations with regard to efficiency, ease of use and secure investment – all these are challenges that can be met. And the best way to meet them is through a partnership collaboration from expert to expert.

We look forward to finding out about your challenge and, if you wish, to a good collaboration.


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